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Comprehensive consulting from hiring
to support of foreign personnel,
the best partner for HR outsourcing

ORJ provides a professional support for personnel and labor affairs such as hiring, labor, welfare, safety and health, including foreign human resources.
The number of foreign residents, who now account for about 2% of the total population (2.93 million), is expected to increase further in the future, and employment and residency management, especially for specified skilled foreigners and technical interns, has become the most important issue for domestic companies. However, due to the effects of the rapid decrease in the working population and long-term deflation, it is currently not possible to spend money on indirect departments such as human resources and general affairs, etc.
At ORJ, as the best partner for HR outsourcing and the largest registered support organization in Japan, we aim to meet the diverse needs of our clients with the know-how we have cultivated and our global perspective, and to improve customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction of foreign personnel.

4 strengths because we are experts in managing and assisting foreigners

ORJ has 4 strengths that are unique to the company, which is well versed in specialized fields such as human resources and general affairs, and possesses a variety of know-how gained from its extensive track record.

1.Hiring of Foreign Personnel

ORJ's Global Network System

We make it possible to provide excellent personnel, both in Japan and overseas, through a strong network of OS Group overseas subsidiaries and partners in the ASEAN region, for candidates with technical interns who have already completed technical training and candidates for Specified Skills Visa.
Local hiring organizations are selected based on their past hiring performance and history of problems, and we have a variety of excellent partners who are committed to compliance.

2.Support, Education, and Management of Foreign Personnel

Supporting customers with our extensive management know-how

We offer a variety of services to support foreign personnel by understanding the needs of both the host company and the foreign personnel. In particular, we provide support services for specified skilled foreigners and support services for technical interns to help them with various consultations and problems in their social, daily and professional lives, while working closely with the host companies and related organizations.

General Support for Foreign Personnel
  • Education for Foreign Personnel

    • Education on Relevant Laws and Regulations
    • Cultural Manners Education
    • Safety and Health Education
    • Education on Various Technical Terms
    • Preparation for JLPT
    • Skill Test Preparation
    • Specific Skill Test Preparation
  • Foreign Personnel Management

    • Cooperation with Supervisory Organizations
    • Cooperation with Sending Organizations
    • Reducing the Incidence of Disappearances
    • Mental Health Follow-up
    • Trouble Prevention
    • Consultation System in Native Language
    • Health Care Management
    • Hospital Accompaniment
    • Interaction with Local Residents
    • Improvement of Operating Efficiency
    • Reduction of Labor Cost
  • Registered Support Organization

    • Prior Guidance
    • Pickup service when Entering and Leaving Japan
    • Housing
    • Support for Contracts Necessary for Daily Life
    • Orientation for Daily Life
    • Accompaniment for Public Administrative Procedures, etc.
    • Providing of Opportunities to Learn Japanese
    • Response to Complaints and Consultations
    • Promotion of Exchange with Japanese People
    • Job Change Support
    • Regular Meetings
    • Reporting to the Government

3.Life Infrastructure Support for Foreign Personnel

One-stop support for foreigners to live "safely" and "securely”

We offer a wide variety of selected services that are essential for foreign employees to live in Japan with ease and to work and practice as members of society, including communication, money transfers, Japanese language education, and lump-sum pension withdrawal payments.

  • ORJ Housing Support

    • Dormitory contract / subletting support
  • ORJ Lifeline

    • Introduction of gas and electricity plans
  • ORJ Learning

    • Japanese Language Study
    • business manner
    • Manners of living
  • ORJ Call Support

    • Multilingual Call Center
  • ORJ Money

    • Overseas remittance
    • Lump-sum pension withdrawal payments

4.Interpretation and Translation Services

Support for Companies that Employ Foreign Personnel

When accepting foreign personnel, the most important thing to consider is the issue of communication.
Interpreters in the native language are essential for training technical interns in skills training, safety and "quality. It is also necessary to translate documents so that the foreign employee can understand them, such as employment regulations, company entry documents, workplace notices, and pay slips. Our excellent interpreters and translators, hired based on our unique know-how, will correctly translate and interpret on your behalf from factory rules to instructions on the use the cafeteria.

ORJ's Interpretation and Translation Services
  • Multilingual Interpretation Services

    • Interpretation for foreigners (Specified Skilled Workers, Interns, etc.) prior to entry into Japan
    • Interpretation for technical interns during their training
    • Interpreting for Specified Skill Foreigners from hiring to termination of contract.
    • Interpretation during work for those working on engineer visas
    • Interpretation for daily life guidance for foreign employees
    • Interpretation for foreign tourists and other inbound visitors
    • Interpreting in restaurants and sales outlets
    • Interpretation for parents and children at schools, nursery schools, etc.
    • Interpretation for various counters at city halls, etc.
    • Interpretation for athletes staying in Japan for long periods of time
    • Interpretation for meetings, etc. with local subsidiaries of companies
    • Interpretation for skill tests, special courses, etc.
    • Interpretation at the time of accepting foreign students, training for foreign part-time employees, and labor management
  • Multilingual Translation Services

    • Translation for tourism and inbound
    • Translation of websites
    • Marketing and PR translations
    • Translation for real estate
    • Overseas business translation
    • Instruction manual translation
    • Technical and industrial translation
    • Translation of contracts and legal documents
    • Translation of patents and intellectual property
    • Pharmaceutical translation, medical translation, etc.

ORJ's 4 commitments to remain the best partner for human resources management

  • ComplianceCompliance

    There are many different types of employment, such as employment of a foreign nationals, contract employees, part-time workers, etc. In addition, employment-related laws and regulations are revised every year, and the status of residence is a complex matter when hiring foreign workers. ORJ promises to provide safe and secure services with reliable expertise and compliance.

  • Avoid troubleAvoid trouble

    From health management to handling sudden leavings of company and labor troubles, ORJ promises to prevent problems before they occur by providing standardized labor management support based on our extensive experience and know-how.

  • ES Improvement of employee satisfactionImprovement of employee satisfaction

    This is a major factor that reduces productivity in businesses and manufacturing sites. There are also huge hidden costs such as human resource management including holidays and foreign language based training expenses. We promise to reduce a variety of costs by implementing thorough ES (Employee Satisfaction) improvement measures from entry into Japan, joining and leaving the company procedures to returning to their home countries.

  • Flexible responseFlexible response

    With the spread of global employment patterns and outsourcing businesses, companies are able to adjust their workforce according to their busy schedules, but this is not the case for indirect departments such as corporate human resources and general affairs. ORJ promises to solve such problems for our clients.

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